Wonderful Child-Safe and Edible 'Play-Dough' Recipe

A wonderful play-dough recipe that you don't have to worry about your child munching on!

See here.

and thanks to Blue Skies and Dragonflies for the tip!

Lovely new movie coming: "Babies"

The movie Babies will be opening in April 2010. Just in time for the babe's second birthday!

Watch the trailer below:

Selecta Toys to Leave US Market

Sad news:

" German wooden toymaker Selecta Spielzeug has announced that due to the extensive new testing requirements that will be imposed on manufacturers next year under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, it will cease distributing its toys in the U.S. effective December 31, 2008.

Selecta manufactures toys that comply with strict EU regulations for phthalates and other potentially harmful chemicals, but cites the cost of new testing as the reason it can no longer supply the U.S. market. The company claims that prices would be forced upwards "by at least 50 percent, which would price these products out of the market." You can browse Selecta products and shop for them online at Amazon.com while they're still available."

Read more here.

Get them while you can...try any of the great stores I have listed in my links sections.

Suri is cool.

This is toooo cute.
Why is Suri cooler than me?

I covet her sunglasses.

BPA is Bad.

I was first alerted to the fact that the FDA statement on BPA was being called into question a few weeks ago in the Op-Ed section of The NY Times. There was talk stirring of a potential conflict of interest which has now been confirmed.

BPA Ruling Flawed, Panel Says

FDA Ignored Scientific Evidence of Harm, Report Finds

Read the full article in The Washington Post.

For a quick cheat sheet on whats BPA-free and safe, check out Safe Mama.

We use the Klean Kanteen (pictured above) and the babe loves it. If you live in the city you can pick one up at Metro Mini's or online.