Suri is cool.

This is toooo cute.
Why is Suri cooler than me?

I covet her sunglasses.

BPA is Bad.

I was first alerted to the fact that the FDA statement on BPA was being called into question a few weeks ago in the Op-Ed section of The NY Times. There was talk stirring of a potential conflict of interest which has now been confirmed.

BPA Ruling Flawed, Panel Says

FDA Ignored Scientific Evidence of Harm, Report Finds

Read the full article in The Washington Post.

For a quick cheat sheet on whats BPA-free and safe, check out Safe Mama.

We use the Klean Kanteen (pictured above) and the babe loves it. If you live in the city you can pick one up at Metro Mini's or online.

Fantastic New Article on Home-Schooling in The New York Times!

I love that this is being discussed in wider and wider circles now. The more time I spend in NYC the more I am so excited to share in the babe's discovery of this wonderful world, I hate to think of her cooped up inside a classroom forced to conform...I can see already that she is a free spirit and I wouldn't want anything to put that fire out.

I know so many wonderful, highly intelligent and successful people who have been homeschooled and/or are choosing to homeschool their own children.

Read the article here:

and for some great resources, here's a taste of the literature I delved into while doing my Masters Degree in Environmental Education:


Good News for Those who Love their Fit Flops: A Furry Winter Version is HERE!

Just in at Bliss: Order now as supplies are limited and these are sure to be a huge hit for the mommy crowd.

For those who wore their FitFlop sandals sun-up to sundown last summer, indoors and out, FitFlops' new all-purpose superluxe slip-on Convertiboot makes cold, aching feet feel instantly fantastic! Featuring DuPont's Hydrology-treated shearling (for water and stain resistance) with fluffy lining and cuff, all built on top of FitFlop's celebrated microwobbledboard midsole. We've got two words for you: Oh My! Or maybe that should be OH MINE! U.S. women's whole sizes 5-10. Chocolate, black, mushroom and camel.

Roll the cuff down, it's a thick and fluffy slipper, roll it up, it's a casual outdoor boot. (This also means that those of you who can't choose between colors can order two, because really, it's two shoes.)

Baby-Led Weaning

Very useful resource for baby-led weaning approach to introducing solid foods.

Babar at the Morgan Library

“Drawing Babar: Early Drafts and Watercolors” remains through Jan. 4 at the Morgan Library & Museum, 225 Madison Avenue, at 36th Street; (212) 685-0008.

I know who could use a sling!

Nicole Richie in NYC this week with baby Harlow...

Still love the High Waist Jean. Yummy Mummy Alert..

Katie Holmes in NYC this past weekend. J BRAND “Cass” high-waisted jeans available here.

Amanda Peet Rockin' the Ergo and the Hippest Polish

Who says you can't Baby Wear and be in Style?